3 Ways to Tighten Skin at Home

The #1 Way to Tighten Skin is the...
10-Day Skin Tightening Treatment
by: Fontaine Minerals


This treatment works by applying a powerful mineral cream twice a day for 10 days. It's the most effective way to tighten skin without leaving the house. This type of mineral treatment was once only available at spa retreats but is now available for use at home. Skin tightening mineral creams have a great track record of delivering satisfying results. This is the most effective all natural way to tighten skin that we know about.

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How to tighten skin method #2
Moisturize Twice Daily.

Like all living cells, skin cells are healthiest when they are properly hydrated. Moisturizer is essentially oil that coats your skin and keeps it moist. Oily skin is moist skin in other words. To tighten loose skin and keep it tight it is very important that you keep you moisture levels very high. Buy a humidifier if you have to. If you live in a cold climate this can be brutal on the skin. Dry skin is loose skin and moist skin is tight skin, it is as simple as that.

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How to tighten skin method #3
Grow Your Muscles

If you've ever seen body builders at the beach you'll know that when your grow your muscles your skin has to stretch to accommodate. A body builders skin is super-tight. If you just grow your muscles a little your skin will also tighten a little. The thing to remember with this method is that once you stretch your skin out it stays stretched which means you need to keep up the muscle work!

- Skin Firming Hydration from Nivea

How To Tighten Skin - Frequently Asked Questions.

How much can I realistically tighten my skin?

The results you will get from an all natural skin tightening treatment as compared to plastic surgery is a lot less. Do not expect to take 25 years off with a mineral soak but expect to take 5 or even 10 years off the appearance and feel of your skin. This is the happy news! To tighten your skin to the max you can get surgery but once again we must say that we are strongly against any surgery that tightens the skin. Surgery bad, natural remedies good!

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How Can I Prevent Future Wrinkles From Forming?

Over time a persons skin becomes more and more damaged, wrinkled and dried. The ageing of skin can be greatly slowed however. Before we even consider the reversing of wrinkles we need to acknowledge that the active prevention of skin ageing is the most effective means to have healthy looking skin. The point here is that prevention is key to the preservation of the epidermis. Stay out of the sun! This is the most crucial aspect of skin care and wrinkle prevention. The suns rays carry harmful radiation and damage the cells on a molecular level, this damage is irreversible and can even cause melanoma. If you must be exposed to the sun use an spf 60 sun tan lotion.

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What I need more help, is there someone I can contact?

If you have any questions of comments of how to tighten skin you can email us at
contact@tightenskin.org. If you are struggling with loose or sagging skin we may be able to help you or to recommend treatments. Please don't be shy because when it comes to tightening skin we'd like to think we know what we are doing.

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More ways to tighten your skin from home.

Change your diet.

Unhealthy skin is very often the result of eating an unhealthy diet. Try to eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water. Also try to cut out fatty and greasy foods. Ideally you want to eat a vegan diet but obviously that's not possible for many of us myself included. Your best bet is to exercise moderation and generally lower your overall intake. the answer to the question of "how to tighten skin" is mostly answered by diet and exercise.

Stay out of the sun:

The sun does an incredible amount of damage. People in their late 20s in countries on the equators skin looks like it belongs to a 90 year old! The sun is the most common cause of skin damage, period. If you want to tighten loose skin stay out of the sun or at the very least use sun tan lotion with an spf of at least 60.

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Considering Skin Tightening Surgery

There are surgeries available to tighten skin. You can effectively tighten the skin on any area of your body using surgery. You of course have to be extremely careful about the extent of your surgeries and about the quality of your surgeon. It goes without saying that any mistakes made with a surgery are nearly impossible to reverse. Before even considering surgery it is recommended that you try anything and everything to see if you can tighten you skin without incurring the tremendous risk associated with going under the knife.

We have hoed this article has helped you answer the question how to tighten skin and we wish everyone good luck in their efforts.


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