Top 3 At-Home Skin Tightening Treatments
3 Non-Invasive Way to Tighten Your Skin

Treatment #1 Ten Day Mineral Soak

By applying vitamin-e and magnesium cream you can actually tighten your skin as much as 20% This treatment is fairly inexpensive and can be done safely at home. This kind of mineral treatment was once only available in spas but has recently become available for home use. It is worth checking out the official mineral soak website listed below.


For more info on the mineral soak option check out:

10 Day Skin Tightening Treatment Here


Treatment #2 Weekly Facial Mask Treatment

This is where you cover your face in skin tightening minerals and keep them on for several hours. This has the effect of moistening and rejuvenating the skin. You can buy these facial masks from any decent drug store. The effects usually last only a few days so you are going to want to find good cell phone game so you won't mind having to do it every week!

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Treatment #3 Grow Your Muscles

This is a very simple do it yourself treatment option. Bigger muscles mean your skin has to stretch out to cover more area. This tightens your skin. If you do decide to use this method make sure you understand that it is a lifetime commitment. If you stretch out your skin to accommodate larger muscle and then lose the muscles your skin will remain stretched out. Anyone who has been pregnant understands first hand how this works. So once again if you start, keep it up!  How to Tighten Skin Main Page

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There are so many skin tightening treatments out there. Some are very effective while others are not effective at all. We have made this site to try to separate the good from the bad. The short answer to how to tighten skin is to eat fruit, drink water, grow your muscles and use the Fontaine mineral treatment at least once. Remember to never get surgery, it is never worth it. For questions or comments please contact us here at
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